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Sheriff's Posse

The Canadian County Sheriff's Office is looking for volunteers to serve on the "Sheriff's Posse." While traditional posse's of the Old West were used to chase down and apprehend outlaws, Sheriff Chris West is more interested in volunteers who would be willing to assist the Sheriff and his deputies in times of a local crisis, or state of emergency.

The Sheriff's Posse is a rapid response force of citizens who could be called upon "in a minutes notice" to answer the call to aid in safeguarding lives and property and the Constitutional Rights of innocent law abiding citizens of Canadian County. The Sheriff will also utilize the Posse to support other civic and community oriented events and activities.

To apply you do not need to have former law enforcement or military experience. It is our hope to bring diversity in skill, abilities, as well as race and gender to the group.

The Sheriff's Office is evaluating, in an on-going process, the assets and resources of persons who've shown interest in being a part of the Sheriff's Posse. Once those items are identified and categorized, applications will be reviewed. As you can imagine, the response from persons wanting to join the Sheriff's Posse has been big. We anticipate this identification, categorization and selection process will take time as we also carry out our other daily duties and responsibilities. Thank you for your interest.

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