On Friday, July 29, Canadian County Sheriff’s Office arrested two predators meeting to pick up a fifteen-year-old for sex.  This undercover operation led to the arrest of Stefan Rice, a 52-year-old male from Yukon, and Nathan Baldwin, a 27-year-old male from Edmond.  Rice and Baldwin contacted an undercover decoy portraying a fifteen-year-old female from Piedmont, Oklahoma.

Rice began talking to the decoy using a popular dating app.  The investigation lasted five days before he traveled to meet the decoy at a grocery store in Piedmont.  Rice told the decoy he wanted to have sex with her and told her he would take her to the moon.  Rice also told the decoy he would die for her and explained she meant the world to him.  Rice told the decoy multiple time he was “down to have sex with her” and would keep it low-key.

Rice was arrested in the parking lot of the grocery store and investigators found many troubling items in his truck.  Rice had a loaded tactical shotgun with buckshot and a police scanner.  Also located in the vehicle were duct tape and multiple knives.  Rice also brought narcotics to the meeting to give to the fifteen-year-old as well.   These items were troubling as they could have been used to try and detect law enforcement operations and perhaps could be used to abduct the decoy. 

After the arrest of Rice, Canadian County Sheriff’s Investigators  arrested Baldwin for trying to pick up a fifteen-year-old for sex.  This meeting took place at a Bank near Highway 3 and Highway 4 in Oklahoma City, Canadian County.  Baldwin spoke with the decoy for twenty-four hours and during that time he told the decoy he wanted to have sex with her and send her nude photographs of himself.

Baldwin was sexually aggressive in the conversation and spoke about various sexual activities including providing oral sex while he was driving.  Baldwin also told the decoy he would provide all the narcotics she wanted.  Baldwin quickly set up a meeting time and told the decoy to change the time because he was ready to meet her.

Baldwin was arrested and located in his vehicle narcotics that were to be given to the decoy.  Baldwin admitted to his plans and even provided a written statement of the events he was planning.  Baldwin was cooperative with investigators and provided a confession to his plans with a fifteen-year-old female.

“We actually arrested both of these men within a four hour time period.  I’m very proud of my group of investigators and the commitment they demonstrate every day to protect the youth of our county,” said Chris West, Canadian County Sheriff.

Rice was arrested for lewd acts with a child under 16, possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony, possession of a scanner in the commission of a felony, and the violation of the Oklahoma computer crimes act.  Rice’s bond was set at forty thousand dollars and remains in custody.  Baldwin was arrested for lewd acts with a child under 16 and his bond was set at twenty-five thousand dollars and has bonded out of custody. 

~ END ~


Chris West, Sheriff

Canadian County, OK