Investigators with the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office have arrested Dalton Skipworth, 27, of Mountain View, Oklahoma and Christian Dalmont, 24, of Wichita, KS, for soliciting sex with a minor by use of technology.  

On July 8, 2022, Skipworth was arrested with the assistance of the Murray County Sheriff’s Office and transported to the Canadian County Jail.  On July 9, 2022, Dalmont was arrested and transported to the Canadian County Jail.  Dalmont and Skipworth both engaged in sexual communication with what they believed to be minor children in Canadian County.   

Skipworth believed he was talking to a fourteen-year-old female and discussed various graphic sex acts including sending photographs of his genitals to the decoy.  Skipworth also talked with the decoy about specific clothes he wanted her to wear, and discussed if they met where they would have sex.  Skipworth asked for photographs of the decoy and continued with the illegal conversation even though he believed he was talking to a minor.  Skipworth is employed by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services and works in Jackson County.   

Investigators learned Skipworth was working as a volunteer with Mountain View Baptist Church at Falls Creek Church Camp in south central Oklahoma.  The Falls Creek staff was contacted by investigators and briefed on the situation.  Camp staff agreed to assist with locating Skipworth and keeping him busy until deputies could arrive to take him into custody.  Both Murray County and Canadian County Sheriff’s Office personnel interviewed Skipworth at the time of his arrest, and Skipworth admitted to talking to a minor in a sexual manner.  

Skipworth was taken into custody by Murray County Sheriff’s Deputies and then transported to the Canadian County Jail by Canadian County Sheriff’s investigators.  Skipworth’s bond was set at twenty five thousand dollars.  Skipworth was able to post bail and has been released from custody. 

“I’m very grateful to both Murray County Sheriff Darin Rogers and his deputies, as well as the Falls Creek staff who were all instrumental in taking Skipworth into custody,” said Chris West, Canadian County Sheriff. “I shared with one of the Falls Creek administrators how much I appreciated their assistance and considered Falls Creek and Mountain View Baptist Church to also be a victims of Skipworth’s actions.”

Canadian County investigators also arrested Christian Dalmont, of Wichita Kansas on July 9, 2022 in Canadian County after he engaged in extreme sexual communication with what he believed to be a twelve (12) year old girl.  Dalmont explained and described to the girl various sex acts including having threesomes with children as young as eight years old.  Dalmont even told the decoy that he wanted to see her neighbor’s two-year-old child nude, and even wanted to put diapers on the child.   

Dalmont communicated with the decoy from his home in Wichita, KS, and told her that he wanted to meet up at a skate park in Canadian County.  Dalmont made plans to pick up the decoy and go back to her apartment to have sex.  Dalmont asked the decoy if he took her for the weekend did she think her mother would call the police to report her as missing or kidnapped.  Dalmont explained how he wanted to adopt the decoy and her friends and bathe them.  Dalmont also asked the decoy various questions about her genitals and if her bottom was small. 

Dalmont continued to inquire about picking the decoy up and expressed fear of being caught by law enforcement.  However, Dalmont still traveled from his home in Wichita, KS to Route 66 Skate Park in Canadian County to meet with, and pick up the decoy to have sex with her.  

Dalmont was intercepted by Canadian County Sheriff’s Deputies before he could enter the park and was taken into custody.  Dalmont admitted to investigators that he would have had sex with the decoy.  Dalmont also consented to have his phone forensically examined and investigators found Dalmont frequented a website that contained child pornography. 

Dalmont was transported to the Canadian County Jail and booked in on the charges of Lewd Acts with a Minor and Possession of Child Pornography.  He is currently in jail and his bond is set at one hundred thousand dollars.  

“Considering Dalmont drove to Canadian County and had every intention to rape and potentially kidnap a twelve year old girl is of great concern to me,” West said.  “I’m extremely proud of my team and the great work they are doing to protect our precious children from evil people who would do serious mental and physical harm to them.” 

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PHOTOS: Skipworth and Dalmont mugs attached