The Investigation Unit of the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office recently investigated an ongoing Elderly Fraud Case. The case is the ongoing Elderly fraud scam where a person calls claiming to be the victim's Grandchild or close family member. The victim was told by the supposed family member that he had an accident and is on his way to jail and he needs money for bond and the bond person or attorney will make all the arrangements. The person claiming to be the bond person or attorney will tell the victim there is a gag order and if they tell anyone about this they will not be able to get the family member out of jail.

This has caused victims in Canadian County and Oklahoma County recently to lose between $6,000 to $53,000. This is entirely a fraud. If anyone calls you like this contact your local law enforcement agency immediately. Judges will not issue Gag Orders preventing inquiries like this.

Presently we have identified two subjects which perpetrated these crimes, however we believe that there are more victims of these subjects. If you are a victim and have not reported this to your appropriate law enforcement agency please do so immediately. Canadian County Sheriff’s Office, Edmond Police Department, and Oklahoma City Police Department are working this case. If you have any questions concerning this type of fraud please contact Lt. Mike Grimes Canadian County Sheriff’s Office, Investigative Unit.