Recently reported and investigated by CCSO Criminal Investigation was a fraud involving an email alleged to be from Norton stating the person was being charged $300.00 and if they wanted to cancel the charge to contact Norton at 917-725-4330 (not a valid contact for Norton). The person at this phone number then instructed the victim to give him access to his computer to access if his account was charged and then claimed there had been money transfer mistakes of $30,000.00 increments and directed the victim to transfer the money to supposed Norton accounts at out of state banks. This fraud involved a significant loss, which was followed up by a contact by alleged law enforcement and demands for more funds.

Do not allow any outside source unknown or not confirmed by you to have access to your computer or personal information. These are very elaborate Frauds. Contact your local law enforcement on public published numbers.

Any questions about this type of fraud or similar activity please contact CCSO Criminal Investigation, Lt. Mike Grimes, 405-262-3434.