During the week of December 14, 2020, Investigations by the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office led to the arrest of Krishna Skanes and Jay Benson for sexual communication with a minor and lewd acts with a child during an undercover sting in Canadian County.  Skanes was arrested on December 14, 2020, from a Canadian County arrest warrant by Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office and Benson was arrested on December 16, 2020 by the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office.  These undercover operations targeted internet predators using social media who target children. 

On December 14, 2020, Krishna Skanes, a 39-year-old male from Oklahoma City, was apprehended by Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office after Canadian County District Attorney’s office issued an arrest warrant.  A Canadian County Sheriff’s Office investigation uncovered that Skanes sent a photograph of his genitals to a middle school child in Canadian County.  Skanes then tried to text with the child, but the child reported the photograph to authorities.  The victim’s parent pretending to be the child told Skanes he was talking to a 14-year-old and Skanes then asked for a picture of their body after sending another photograph of genitals.

Canadian County’s internet crimes against children unit used their undercover account to speak with Skanes.  Skanes continued to speak with the undercover investigator thinking he was talking to the victim, and a search warrant was issued for Skanes social media accounts.  Skanes was charged with soliciting sex with a minor by use of technology, and his bond was set five thousand dollars. Benson remains in custody in Cleveland County where he was arrested and also charged with a similar crime in Cleveland County.  Skanes will be transported to Canadian County Jail after his court dates in Cleveland County. 

On December 16, 2020, the Canadian County internet crimes against children unit arrested Jay Benson, a 38-year-old male from Oklahoma City, for trying to pick up a 14-year-old female for sex.  Benson was arrested at a Canadian County fast food restaurant located at I 40 and Mustang Road.  Benson brought to the meeting a knife and condoms.

During the investigation, Benson was told he was speaking to a 14-year-old female on social media; however, this did not stop him from continuing the conversation.  Quickly after Benson was put on notice, he sent various photographs of his genitals to what he believed was a minor female.  Benson sent over five sexually explicit photographs to the undercover investigator.

During the conversation, Benson was worried about being set up by law enforcement but quickly changed his attention to requesting oral sex from the minor.  Benson explained various sexual fantasies he wanted to experience with the minor female, including showering together.  After the conversation got sexually explicit, Benson would bring up how much trouble he could get into talking to a minor this way.

As the conversation progressed, Benson wanted to set up a meeting place to pick up the minor child.  A location at a fast-food restaurant was selected as the meeting place by Benson.  Investigators waited for Benson at the meeting place, and soon Benson arrived to pick up the girl in a stolen truck.  Benson was quickly arrested by deputies and was taken to the Canadian County Jail.  Benson was charged with lewd acts with a child under 16, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and larceny of a license plate.  Benson’s bond was set at sixty-five thousand dollars, and he remains in custody.

“The Sheriff’s Office will continue vigorously pursuing child predators as long as they’re out there,” said Sheriff Chris West.  

~ END ~