We have received this week numerous cases concerning Canadian County Residents receiving unsolicited checks from different out of state companies. These checks are typically delivered in priority mail envelopes. These checks which appear to be company checks are counterfeit and forgeries. The subjects mailing the checks to the potential victim then contact the victim by phone or email and state the check was sent to the victim by mistake and asking the victim to deposit the check. They ask the victim to keep $200 to $500 for their trouble and to send the balance of the money from the check back to them in a cashier check or postal money order. Sometime after that the victim will receive notification from the bank that the check was counterfeit, thus the victim is out approximately $1000.00 or more dollars.

If you receive these unsolicited checks do not cash or deposit the check contact this office or your local law enforcement office. Any questions you have concerning this Fraud, contact Lt. Mike Grimes, Criminal Investigation, Canadian County Sheriff’s Office, 405-262-3434