On Wednesday, August 19, 2020 two Canadian County Sheriff’s Deputies and a former Detention Officer were recognized by the Oklahoma Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association.  The men received award’s at the OSPOA’s  annual training conference for acts of heroism.  The OSPOA conference and awards banquet was conducted in Shawnee at the Fire Lake Grand Casino and Resort Hotel. 

Sergeant Austin Albrecht & Deputy Sheriff Tony Dorman Jr.

On November 29, 2019, in the late hours of the night, Sgt. Albrecht and Deputy Dorman were dispatched to a home west of El Reno on a welfare check of two females.

Arriving at the home, the deputies noticed all the lights were on in the home but no one answered the front door. The Deputies saw at the rear of the house the back door was open so the deputies entered and announced their presence. While walking around the house, they detected a strong odor of a toxic chemical similar to paint thinner.

Continuing to walk through the house, the found a cellar. The door was propped open and at the bottom of the cellar stairs they found both females on the floor at the base of the steps who appeared to lifeless. Deputies could see their skin appeared to be pale blue and their eyes were open with a glazed look.

While attempting to revive these women they were immediately struck with heavy fumes which burned their eyes and lungs, and they felt nauseous and sick.

After getting some fresh air, both deputies re-entered the cellar and removed each woman separately though the Deputies were again almost overcome with the fumes. 

Finally getting both women to the front porch for fresh air, they were able to revive them until medical personnel took them to the hospital in critical condition. Both Deputies were treated at the scene by the fire department. It is believed that if not for the quick action of these Deputies these women would have died.

Sergeant Albrecht and Deputy Dorman were each presented the Oklahoma Sheriff’s and Peace Officers Association the Medal of Valor award.

Detention Officer Eric Vincent

On August 30, 2020, Detention Officer Eric Vincent responded to a call from inmates concerning the need for medical assistance. Upon arrival, Officer Vincent found an inmate lying in the shower, bleeding profusely from a neck wound.

Responding swiftly, Officer Vincent took a Quick Clot bandage from his individual first aid kit and applied it to the wound to minimize blood loss. Officer Vincent continued to administer aid until emergency medical services arrived and transported the inmate to the hospital where he was stabilized.

Medical services personnel reported to jail administration had it not been for the quick actions of Officer Vincent, this inmate might have lost his life.

The Oklahoma Sheriff’s and Peace Officers Association presented to Officer Vincent the Meritorious Service Award for his quick actions.

“I’m extremely proud of these three individuals for their quick and decisive actions which saved lives,” said Chris West, Canadian County Sheriff.

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Photos:  Former Canadian County Detention Officer Eric Vincent and OSPOA President Charles Mackey.  Sheriff Chris West, Sergeant Austin Albrecht and Deputy Sheriff Tony Dorman Jr.


Chris West


Canadian County, OK