On August 15, 2020 investigators with the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office arrested James Visotski, a 35-year-old truck driver from Stuart, Oklahoma, for attempting to pick up a fourteen-year-old female at the Flying J truck stop in Canadian County for the purposes of having sexual intercourse.  The investigation began in May, 2020 when Visotski reached out on social media to an undercover deputy, believing she was a fourteen-year-old female living in Canadian County.  Visotski developed dialogue with the girl,  and then made and carried out plans to travel to Canadian County and pick up the under aged girl.  Visotski’s intentions were to take the girl on a three month cross country road trip, where he could have sex with the under aged female all across the country.

During the investigation, Visotski had conversations with the under aged child which became extremely lewd and sexual in nature.  Visotski messaged the child about having sex with her, and asked about her parents’ ability to monitor her texts.  Visotski also described a fantasy where he performed oral and anal sex with the under aged female child.   As the conversation continued, Visotski described in detail the various sexual acts he was going to perform, including tying the child up with rope in order to live out his sexual bondage fantasy.

Visotski described having group sex with the child, and asked the minor on how many people she thought she could have sex with all at one time.  Visotski was very specific in describing the various sexual fantasies he wanted to live out with the minor child.  As the conversations continued, Visotski even instructed the girl to delete all their conversations so that he wouldn’t get caught.

During the investigation Visotski asked about meeting the decoy.  Visotski explained he would like to take her on a cross country trip in his tractor trailer rig.  He told the decoy she would need to pack bags with enough clothes for the long trip, which could take up to three months.  Visotski planned the meeting, and told the child to meet him at the Flying J truck stop in Canadian County on August 15, 2020 where he would pick her up.

When Visotski arrived at the Flying J, investigators with the Sheriff’s Office met and arrested him.  Visotski was interviewed and readily admitted that he planned to pick up and take the 14 year old girl with him for the purpose of having sex with her.  Visotski’s cellular devices were seized for evidentiary purposes.

“I’m very happy we were able to make this arrest.  Obviously, we’re concerned Visotski may have already abducted a child that remains missing to this day.  It’s a horrifying thought, but I believe it’s a real possibility,” said Chris West, Canadian County Sheriff.

Visotski was transported to El Reno, and booked into the Canadian County Jail on the charge of Lewd Acts with a Child.  He remains in custody and his bond was set at twenty-five thousand dollars.

~ END ~


Chris West, Sheriff