On July 14, 2020 Investigators with the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office arrested Michael Brooks, a 25-year-old male of El Reno Oklahoma on the charges of forcible sodomy and lewd acts with a child under the age of 16.  The investigation began after the victim’s mother called the sheriff’s office on July 10, 2020 to report the crimes.  After the call from the mother, the sheriff’s office received additional calls from people who were concerned the child was being sexually abused by another individual residing in the home.  These reports came from school officials and other people in the community who were concerned about the child’s welfare. 

Sheriff’s Investigators conducted forensic interviews of the victim where they were advised by the victim that sexual abuse had been occurring for about a year.  During the interview the victim described being raped vaginally and anally, and was also forced to perform oral sex on Brooks.  The victim described these acts occurring frequently and describing the abuse happening almost every night for a year.  She said Brooks would barricade the door while he sexually abused her in his bedroom and would burn the condoms afterwards to destroy the evidence. 

The mother of the victim claims she did not know about the sexual abuse until recently.  She setup a go fund me page to help buy new clothes for the victim because most of the clothes the girl had were provided by Brooks.  This go fund me page was also reported to Canadian County Sheriff’s Office by concerned educators from the School the victim attended.  The go fund me page describes how the victim needs money to buy items since she was a victim of sexual abuse.

Investigators also determined the living conditions of the victim’s residence was horrible and unfit for children to live in.  Investigators saw fecal matter, roaches, urine stains, and trash scattered throughout the residence.  Investigators said they noticed the children’s clothing even had urine stains on them.  Investigators also said the children had not been bathed for quite a while and were in need of proper hygiene.  Investigators also described the residence as extremely hot, with no working air conditioner. 

Investigators obtained a court order to remove the children from the home and placed them into state custody for their personal welfare and safety.  The order was granted due to the living conditions the children were forced to live in.  Canadian County Sheriff’s Deputies testified before a judge and the Canadian County District Attorney’s office argued for the removal of the children from the home, however DHS did not offer any assistance or advocate for the removal of the children.

Canadian County Sheriff’s office learned from a concerned educator from the child’s school, there were multiple referrals to DHS based on the sanitary and living conditions the children were in.  The school reported how the children did not appear to have proper hygiene and was even bullied by their peers due to lack of hygiene and dirty clothes.  Concerned educators were upset that nothing was ever done to help these children and believe if DHS intervened properly this abuse would have been detected earlier.

“I’m extremely grateful for the concern of the school staff and other citizens who were concerned enough about this little girl’s safety to call, but  I’m dumbfounded as to why DHS had not taken a serious look into the matter.  If they had, maybe the poor child wouldn’t have had to suffer the continuous sexual battery and abuse that she did for over a year,” said Chris West, Canadian County Sheriff.

Michael Brooks was transported to the Canadian County Jail and currently is being held on no bond.  Investigators are continuing their investigation and more charges may be submitted to the Canadian County District Attorney’s Office.

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Chris West


Canadian County, OK