We recently have seen a resurgence of Fraud/Scam of failing to appear for jury duty. The subject that is perpetrating the fraud claims to be Lieutenant Sullivan from the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office. He uses a phone number of 405-459-8000. He will then state that you failed to show up for Jury Duty and he has a warrant for your arrest. In reported cases to this office he has significant information about the person being called, it appears he is obtaining this information off of the internet.

He will then advise that you need to post a bond to take care of this and to come to a kiosk at the Sheriff’s Office with the money.

NOTICE: The Canadian County Sheriff’s Office will not ask for or take bonds over the phone, by money card or credit card. All warrants are served in person. The Canadian County Sheriff’s Office does not have any deputy by the name of Sullivan.

Lt. Mike Grimes from Criminal Investigations advised that we do not call people about warrants and if you are contacted the best preventive measure is to hang up, block that number, and call the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office 405-262-3434, reporting the information.