May 22, 2020

Canadian County, OK


Sheriff’s retired Drug Dog passes 

Members of the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office assembled on Thursday, May 21st to honor the memory and service of K9 Deputy,  “Gunner.”  Gunner was 12 1/2 years old at the time of his death and served the Sheriff’s Office well for approximately 8 years before being retired from service. Gunner began his career with the Sheriff’s Office in June 2009 and retired from official service in February 2017. Gunner was assigned to the Criminal Interdiction Division where he worked as a drug detector canine.  During his time working at the sheriff’s office Gunner was responsible for the detection of many illegal drug loads being transported cross country on Interstate 40.  Numerous members of the Sheriff’s Office came together on Thursday to remember and honor Gunner’s service to Canadian County.

After retirement, Gunner was signed over to his handler, Lieutenant Jason Glass, and spent his remaining years being loved by Glass and his family. 

“These animals perform a very important mission assisting law enforcement, and are considered family by the handlers and others who have the chance to work alongside them.  Gunner was a great asset to the Sheriff’s Office, and I know he’ll be sorely missed,” said Chris West, Canadian County Sheriff.


PHOTO:  File photo of Lieutenant Glass and Gunner after a drug bust (marijuana) on Interstate 40


Chris West, Sheriff

Canadian County, Oklahoma