On May 26, 2024, Canadian County Sheriff’s Deputies seized ninety-four pounds of marijuana, twenty-seven kilograms of cocaine, and five kilograms of fentanyl from a traffic stop on Interstate 40.  The driver, Gervis Gayle 64-year-old black male from California was arrested on scene.  The approximate street value of these narcotics is over one million dollars.  These narcotics were being smuggled from California to New Jersey.

This traffic stop was initiated due to Gayle operating a semi-truck and following another vehicle too closely.  Deputies noticed this was unacceptable as the semi-truck would likely cause an accident if the vehicle in front of him stopped suddenly.  During the traffic stop deputies noticed inconsistencies between Gayle’s story and his paperwork for his cargo, frozen foods.  Gayle permitted deputies to search his semi-truck.  As the deputies began to examine the cargo, Canadian County Sheriff’s Office K-9 alerted them to the presence of narcotics.

Deputies noticed in the cargo four black drums in the back labeled frozen grapes.  However, the label displaced an expiration date several years before the current date.  Deputies located illegal narcotics after inspecting all four black barrels.  Deputies were concerned about cross-contamination of the food and narcotics, especially with the presence of fentanyl.    

Gayle told deputies he helped load the barrels in his semi-truck, and he believed they contained something illegal.  However, after a forensic examination of his cellular phones, it was determined this was his fifth trip in trafficking narcotics.  Gayle was arrested for trafficking narcotics and his bond was set at two hundred thousand dollars.  Gayle’s semi-truck was seized and being held as evidence.

“This was some great work by my deputies, and I’m very proud of their work,” said Chris West, Canadian County Sheriff.


~ END ~



Chris West


Canadian County, OK