In February 2024, the Canadian County Sheriff's Office, along with SOSA (Safe from Online Sex Abuse), conducted a three-day undercover internet predator operation. This operation netted three arrests of adult males trying to entice and pick up children from Canadian County for sex. The arrested suspects during this operation were Kamryn Meyer (24-year-old white male from OKC), Eric Groff (37-year-old male from OKC), and Kevin Davis (25-year-old male from Wyandotte, OK). This operation used social media, which children commonly use.

These suspects engaged in sexual communication with undercover operators pretending to be juvenile females in Canadian County. Besides graphic sexual communication, the suspects sent graphic images to the undercover operator, requested child pornography, and explicitly stated various sexual acts they wanted to perform on what they believed to be juvenile females. Undercover operators documented the evidence in conjunction with CCSO investigators.

Davis was the first arrested in the undercover operation. He traveled from Wyandotte, OK, over three hours to meet two juvenile females in El Reno, OK. Davis brought various restraint devices he wanted to place the females in. Davis also brought with him torture devices such as a paddle and mouth restraints. Davis had a backpack full of these items that he wanted to use in raping juvenile females. Davis was arrested when he arrived in El Reno without incident.  

Meyer was arrested during the operation when he set up a meeting at an Oklahoma City park near I-240 and Walker. Meyer suggested a ride-sharing service to have the female juvenile travel to him to meet for sex. Once the meeting was scheduled, Meyer arrived at the OKC park and was arrested. Meyer admitted to investigators he would have had sex with the juvenile.  

Groff was arrested during the operation for graphic sexual communication with the decoys and wanting to get the thirteen-year-old pregnant. Groff was arrested after investigators located him in Oklahoma City. Groff admitted to trying to set up meetings with the thirteen-year-old decoys and sexual text messages he sent,” said Chris West, Canadian County Sheriff.

These suspects were transported to the Canadian County Detention Facility. Davis, Meyer, and Groff are still in jail with bonds set from twenty-five thousand dollars to fifty thousand dollars.

Canadian County Sheriff's Office conducts digital forensic examinations in conjunction with these arrests. Forensically trained investigators examine devices used by these suspects to gather evidence. Having four forensic desktop computers allows investigators to gather digital evidence for their cases quickly.  

“Because the protection of children is my top priority, I expanded the forensic laboratory from one computer to four computers.  The Sheriff's Office recently applied for a ten thousand dollar grant to expand its digital forensic capabilities as well. It was awarded a grant from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation. This grant will further expand the Sheriff's Office's abilities to conduct additional undercover operations on internet predators and cybercrime investigations,” said  Chris West, Canadian County Sheriff.