Tips for Motorists: Share the road safely with farm equipment.
He is moving the planter to the next field. She is hauling corn to the grain elevator. Farm equipment travels at a slow rate of speed and may be wider than other vehicles. If road and shoulder conditions are safe, the farmer may try to pull over to let you pass safely. Above all, slow down and be patient.
    •    Reduce speed when encountering farm equipment on public roads. Flashing amber lights mean “caution.”
    •    Slow down when you see the Slow Moving Vehicle Emblem—-the orange and red reflective triangle warns you that the tractor or combine travels at a slow rate of speed.
    •    Keep a safe distance from the farm equipment so the farmer can see you. If you can’t see his mirrors, he can’t see you.
    •    Pass wide, large farm equipment only if you know conditions are safe and you are sure the farmer will not be making a left-hand turn. Be cautious when pulling back in.
    •    It is illegal to pass in a no passing lane.
    •    Be prepared to yield to wide equipment.
    •    Always wear a safety belt and heed the road’s speed limit.
    •    Watch for the farmer’s indication of a turn. Newer equipment has one or more amber lights flashing rapidly to indicate a turn. Older equipment is typically not equipped with turn signals so watch for the farmer’s hand signals.