On Monday, April 3, 2023, a deputy sheriff with the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation along Interstate 40 Eastbound near Radio Road, in Canadian County.  The driver was stopped after the deputy observed an improper lane change.  During the stop thirty pounds of Methamphetamine and approximately $6,500.00 in cash were siezed.   Yunita Cedeno, a 52-year-old black female from Tennessee, and Sharon Hodge, a 47-year-old black female from Tennessee, were both taken into custody and jailed on violation relating to methamphetamine trafficking.

During the traffic stop Deputies became suspicious and believed the occupants may have been involved in some sort of criminal activity.  A K9 drug detector dog was used in a free-air sniff around the vehicle, and the K9 made a positive alert to the presence of narcotics.  During the search of the vehicle (a 2014 Honda Ridgeline) a highly sophisticated electronic aftermarket compartment was located behind a back seat and contained thirty-one-pound bags of methamphetamine.  Located in the purse belonging to Sharon Hodge was approximately $6,500.00 in cash bundled in black rubber bands.  Deputies believed this money was used to facilitate the transaction of narcotics.

The narcotics and money were seized for evidence.  Both Hodge and Cedeno were arrested for trafficking methamphetamine, possession of marijuana with a medical card, and concealing proceeds known to be derived from trafficking narcotics.  Both suspects were booked into the Canadian County Detention Facility on a $60,000.00 dollar bond.  Both suspects remain in jail.

“There’s a real possibility these drugs have ties to our nation’s southern border.  Most likely a transnational criminal organization.  I’m extremely pleased with the exceptional work of my deputies,” said Chris West, Canadian County Sheriff.

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Chris West