To apply for a job, contact Lieutenant Shirley Lanning. She can be reached at her office 405-422-2804, cellular phone 405-434-2804 and email lannings@ccsheriff.net.

For most positions you are required to take an entry level test. The test is timed for 30 minutes. Please plan to spend approximately one hour to test and complete other associated paperwork.

When appearing for your scheduled test; 

  • Have your driver license or proper government photo issued identification
  • Leave your cell phone in your car during the application process
  • Leave children and other visitors in the car or other suitable location as they are not permitted with you during the application process

Testing is done by scheduled appointment only; Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Contact LT Lanning at work, cellular or email. You may text LT Lanning on her cellular. If you text, be sure to include your name and that you are wanting to schedule a test date and time. After you have been scheduled for the test your will receive a text confirming the date, time and locations.

To begin the process, you must complete an initial application. You may download the application form below or pick one up at the Sheriff's Office Annex located at 201 N Rock Island, El Reno. 

Employment Application