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        The Civil Division of the Canadian County Sheriff's Office is a group of 5 fulltime, 5 part-time Deputies who duties and responsibilities cover a large area of the Sheriff's Office. In addition to the responsibilities assigned to Patrol Deputies, Civil Deputies maintain courthouse security and order. They are responsible for the daily safety of all judges, attorneys, employees and citizens that pass through the doors of the Courthouse. Approximately 35,000+ individuals pass through the screening process at the courthouse each year.

        The Civil Division is responsible for all inmates taken to and from the court system. This includes remaining with the inmates during all court proceedings and providing courtroom security for the court to which they are assigned. This includes District, Special Family Sessions, Juvenile, Victim Protective Orders and Jury proceedings. They are responsible for providing Deputies to protect and serve during all court proceedings as well as after court. This includes nights and weekend coverage. In addition, Civil Division is responsible for arrests made during court on warrants or any violation of law or pleas to the court. Civil Division also performs the duties of acting as court officers for any Judge when needed.

        In addition to their court transport duties, the division spends many hours of the day on the road. They are responsible for all in-state transports as a result of warrant activity or court ordered pick-ups and when required, out-of-state extradition’s. The civil division also provides for the transport of inmates to and from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections who are required by court.

        Civil Division also deals with medical appointments for inmates. This includes doctor's offices, dental visits, surgery, x-rays, emergency room visits, emergency committals and inpatient hospital stays. In addition, safe transports for the general public on emergency orders of detention (EOD’S) are provided as needed.

        The Civil Division also provides assistance to other divisions, both within and outside of the Sheriff's Office each day. They assist with the service of civil process, warrants, transportation of "high-risk" offenders for the Juvenile Detention Center, provide assistance to the Patrol Division when needed, with motorist assists and traffic control.

        The Civil Division requires training in many areas. Deputies are trained in electronic weapons handling, control baton certification, chemical weapons certification, qualification with a duty weapon and in high-risk transport.

        In addition to all of the other responsibilities the civil division is also required to do the state required Sheriffs Sales on homes that have gone through the foreclosure procedure. We have the added responsibility of logging and maintaining all Property/Evidence taken by all divisions and brining it to court as needed in cases.

        Civil Division, like many uniformed divisions within the Sheriff's Office, is required to interact daily with the public and provide assistance when needed. It is an honor and privilege to provide this service to the citizens of Canadian County.

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