Detention Facility

Division Overview

The Detention Division of the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office is comprised of 16 full-time and 2 part-time Correction Officers and Detention Deputies. The Canadian County Detention Center was built in 1984 and has 72 beds within 6 different housing units. It is the responsibility of our officers to maintain safety and security of incarcerated inmates on a daily basis. There were approximately 3,053 inmates processed through the Canadian County Detention Center last year.

Detention Center Population

The Canadian County Detention Center had an average daily population of approximately 137 inmates last year. Due to overpopulation in the Detention Center, inmates are housed in jails in Grant County, Dewey County, and Pottawatomie County.


The mission of the Detention Division is to provide for the custody and welfare of each inmate and to promote positive behavior. The Detention Division is responsible for conducting all daily operational functions in the jail such as booking inmates upon arrival into the facility, placing the inmate in the proper classification, issuing jail uniforms, bedding, and provide adequate housing.

Monitoring System

The Detention Division’s central control monitors 32 cameras, intercoms to communicate with inmates, and provide safety and security for the facility. Officers and Deputies provide 24-hour security and constantly monitor all inmate activities. Officers process inmates that are sentenced to weekend programs and inmates that are sentenced by Canadian County Drug Court.

Staff Duties

The Detention Division has a dedicated staff of Detention Deputies that provide all of the duties of a Correctional Officer and additional duties such as: 

  • Transporting inmates to and from court 
  • Transporting inmates to: 
    • Emergency room visits
    • Hospitals
    • Inpatient hospital stays
    • Medical appointments

Detention Deputies also are responsible for investigating incidents within the Detention Center and filing criminal charges as needed.

Jail Training Program

The Detention Division has initiated a new Jail Training Program that designed to enable all employees to function more effectively when performing their job duties. The training program is designed to ensure proper monitoring and provide effective instruction throughout the new recruit’s training in accordance with Federal and State laws. Each member of the Detention Division is required to complete yearly compliance training in Oklahoma Jail Standards. In addition, officers are trained in many other areas pertaining to their work environment, safety and security, and job related duties. Officers receive training in Taser and Electronic Control Device, handcuffing, chemical weapons, and defensive tactics. Detention Deputies are required to complete the previous training and required training required by C.L.E.E.T. These courses include weapons handling, control baton, and mandatory qualification with a firearm.


It is the goal of the Detention Division to offer a clean, safe and secure environment for the inmates and to protect and serve the citizens of Canadian County.