Detention Center

Jail 7-13-18To find out if someone is an inmate in our detention center, click the VINE webpage here to search. 

In Oklahoma VINE partners with the Oklahoma Attorney General's Office and 47 other states. VINE allows anyone like crime victims to search an offender's status. Anyone may register for inmate change in status notification through VINE. Those notifications are sent by email, text, and phone app. The Canadian County Detention Center allows VINE access to our inmate data base for our inmate population. 

You can also register with VINE and they will notify you whenever an inmate is released. This service also works for inmates sentenced to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.  

If you're unable to search for an inmate through VINE you may call our detention center at 405-422-3188.

To find a bondsman licensed in Canadian County click bondsman

Money may be added to an inmate's account by;

  1. Phone (866)797-5578
  2. On-line at Tiger Commissary
  3. Deposit in the Kiosk in the Detention Center visitation lobby
  4. Commissary items also may be ordered by anyone on-line for delivery to an inmate in the Canadian County jail at Tiger Commissary

Inmates may communicate with others by letter or email at Smart Communications.

To see a copy of the Inmate Handbook of Rules click here.