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Salary & Benefits

Starting Salary for a Step 1 Detention Officer December 1, 2018 is $15.94 per hour plus benefits. Benefits include health insurance for the employee with an option to purchase coverage for family members at a competitive price, membership in the Oklahoma Public Employees Retirement System, vacation, sick leave, 401k employer sharing plan.

Detention Officer Job Description and Duties

The position of Detention Officer is an entry level position of the Canadian County jail. It falls under the direct supervision of the Detention Supervisor, Assistant Jail Administrator, and the jail Administrator. 

Detention Officers and Detention Deputies are under the direct supervision of the shift supervisors. Detention staff must have the flexibility to respond to crisis situations and make a split second decision; possess the physical ability to restrain or assist in the restraint of hostile inmates; possess computer knowledge sufficient to operate the detention facility's computer systems; possess administrative proficiency to ensure proper accountability of inmates property, funds, and the care taking of the inmate population. Comply with all policies and procedures set forth by the Sheriff, Undersheriff, and the Detention Administrator. Duty examples are but not limited to;

  1. Providing for the legal admission and release of all prisoners looked into the Canadian County Detention Center
  2. Accurately identifying all prisoners
  3. Maintaining discipline of all prisoners
  4. Searching prisoners and their quarters according to the guidelines for contraband, drugs, and weapons
  5. Administering all detention programs
  6. Providing medical services, according to guidelines for the inmates
  7. Providing under established procedures, social services to the inmates that include counseling, visitation, clergy, attorneys, and mail privileges
  8. Being responsible for the cleanliness of inmates, their clothing, and their environment
  9. Providing food serves for the inmates
  10. Securing all personal cast and property according to guidelines
  11. Providing for a safe environment for the inmates and immediately abating any hostile actions
  12. Segregating males inmates from female inmates
  13. Segregating adult inmates from juveniles inmates
  14. Aiding in carrying out the decisions and orders of the court
  15. Providing for transportation of inmates as required
  16. Report any safety or security problems within the facility to the shift supervisor
  17. Supervise inmate workers who deliver inmate meals
  18. Supervise inmate workers doing custodial work in the detention center
  19. Routinely conduct inmate checks for the safety and security as well as checking for illness or injury
  20. Maintain general medical records on inmates 
  21. Be observant for the introduction of any contraband into the facility
  22. Supervise inmate visiting
  23. Encourage inmates to maintain good personal hygiene
  24. Ability to apply common sense to carry out instructions provided in written or oral form in dealing with problems
  25. Ability to meet and deal effectively with others
  26. Ability to work steadily and quickly 
  27. Ability to work with minimum supervision
  28. Knowledge of emergency procedures and implementation

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