Division Overview

The Detention Center of the Canadian County Sheriff’s Office is comprised of 34 full-time Detention Officers and Deputies. The Detention Center has a capacity of 194 inmate beds. The Detention Center holds both pre-trial detainees and formally sentenced offenders. Sentenced offenders may be required to serve their time in the county jail or the state Department of Corrections. 

Detention Center Population

The Canadian County Detention Center had an average daily population of approximately 300 inmates in 2017. Due to overpopulation in the Detention Center, inmates are also housed in the Grant, Dewey, Washita, Ellis, and Pottawatomie County detention facilities. There were approximately 4,000 inmates processed through the Canadian County Detention Center in 2017.

Medical Services

The Detention Center contracts with a private medical vendor who supplies daily medical services including a full-time nurse, access to a doctor for regular visits and primary mental health services for inmate medical needs.

Jail Training Program

Detention Center officers and deputies must complete authorized jail training programs to perform their duties. The training program is designed to ensure proper monitoring and provide effective instruction throughout the new recruit’s training in accordance with Federal and State laws. Each member of the Detention Center is required to complete yearly compliance training in Oklahoma Jail Standards. In addition, officers are trained in many other areas pertaining to their work environment, safety and security, and job-related duties. Officers receive training in handcuffing, chemical weapons, and defensive tactics. Detention Deputies must also complete annual required CLEET training.

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